This portfolio displays evidence of the progress of the activities I have chosen to undertake for CAS as a part of the IB Diploma Program.

In Semester 1 of Yr 11, I have decided, for Creativity, to write a novel/series of stories, as well as a series of French poetry and short stories. I will be working on these in the course of the semester, at the end of which I will assemble it into a final product. As an element of Activity, I have decided to begin a weekly yoga routine, and will be providing photographic evidence. For Service, I will be helping with the organisation of the school’s parent-teacher interview evenings.

In this semester, I will also be working with a group of four other students for our Group Project, relating to Service and Creativity. We will be making children’s book with accompanying crocheted and knitted characters to send off to the children of a village in Fiji. These storybooks are educational, hoping to provide the children with literacy support as well as a source of entertainment.

In Semester 2, I will be initiating a Linguistics Project as part of Creativity, which will involve the publication of Linguazzetta (a languages magazine) and the creation of a new club (LinguaLodge). For Activity, I will be doing skipping for an hour or two a week, and for Service, I will be knitting quilts for the nearby nursing home with a group of other students.