Meeting 8: 31.07.17

As this was the first meeting of the term, we had a casual discussion about philology and other bits and pieces that we covered in the last few meetings of the previous term. The conversations eventually turned to the different schooling systems around the world, and how different countries (due to various cultural/sociological/historical reasons) have different systems of teaching or different ideas of which subjects should be compulsory, as well as how assessments should be conducted (e.g. the tema in Italy).

This carried onto the second part of the meeting, in which we discussed our thoughts on Esperanto, mainly focusing on what motivated the creation of the language. A member of the group raised the interesting point of the inconveniences of having a single language in the world, as well as the ethics involved. Of course, when the discussion turns to ethics, other members joined in with varying views, which simply added to the multiple layers of the debate. I plan to begin a discussion on freedom of speech next week, and what it means for language itself – this should raise some interesting questions for debate.


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