First bike-riding session: I rode around the area and then to the local library this morning, and found that it…

Semester 1, Year 12

Creativity (Linguistics Projects): Linguistic Projects (C)AS_Planning_Form Creativity (Chess): (C)AS Planning_Form – chess Activity (Bike-riding): Bike-riding C(A)S_Planning_Form Service (Crocheting poppies): CA(S) Planning Form – poppies

Semester 2, Yr 11

Creativity (Linguistics Projects): Linguistic Projects (C)AS_Planning_Form Action (Skipping): Skipping C(A)S_Planning_Form Service (Parent-Teacher Evening Coordination): Parent-Teacher CA(S) Planning_Form Service (Quilts): Quilts for South Africa  


In this session, I continued with exercises to build up on stamina, and managed to do several 100 skips in…